Using Pay Per Click and Want More Sales Leads?

Big question? Buy more website visitors or convert better?

The PPC Booster Programme – By Dexter Moscow, TV Presenter & Video Coach


Get more Conversions, Leads, Sales


Reduce or Maintain Advertising Spend


Video Showcase your Service or Product


Monthly Payments


Guaranteed Performance *

Find out which option is better by using the handy calculator below

[?] Enter the average number of Sales Leads that you receive p.m. directly from PPC campaigns.
Current sales leads p.m. 7
[?] Enter the average number of Sales Leads that you desire p.m. directly from PPC campaigns.
Desired sales leads p.m. 19
[?] Enter your existing average PPC Cost Per Click.
Current PPC: Cost per click
[?] Enter your existing average website conversion rate for PPC. eg. if your PPC Campaign generates 300 clicks p.m., which produces 5 Sales Leads, your website conversion rate is 5/300 = 1.67%. If you don't know this number enter 1%.
Current Website Conversion Rate

Desired Improvements

Based on your input values, these are the calculated improvements you are seeking.

Once you are satisfied that this is what you want to achieve click the "Calculate the winner" button to find our whether to buy more clicks or improve conversion rate.

Extra Sales Leads--
% Improvement--
"They Outperformed All Of The Agencies We Have Used So Far..."

Frequently asked questions

What is the PPC Booster Programme?

PPC Booster is a complete monthly programme for increasing the number of sales enquiries you receive from your PPC Campaigns, without having to buy more advertising. It is an online solution that allows you to really explain your proposition to potential clients through the power of video, without you having to stand in front of a camera. You explain your offering to us, we do the rest. It also includes many technical elements designed specifically to improve prospect engagement, leading to increased Sales Enquiries. For your piece of mind, it also comes with a performance guarantee.

Who is PPC Booster for?

Companies using Pay Per Click Advertising to generate Sales Enquiries for Services or Products. It is not suitable for e-commerce stores with multiple products.

How many more sales enquiries can I get?

Use our online calculator above to find out. If you want more leads than shown by the calculator please contact us at info(at)

How much does it cost?

The standard programme costs £499 + VAT p.m.

Is there a contract, if so how long?

The minimum contract term is 6 months. After that you can elect to continue on a rolling monthly contract.

Can I cancel my contract?

You can cancel your contract after six months. After the initial 6 month period you can cancel at anytime.

Who owns the video & digital assets?

All digital assets including the video will be owned by Max-e-Biz Ltd. Should you wish to purchase the video after the initial 6 month contract this will be at the discretion of Max-e-Biz Ltd. and subject to extra cost.

What are my commitments & responsibilities?

  • Provide us with (management) access to your (Google) PPC Account
  • Provide us with (management) access to your Google Analytics Account
  • Provide us with historical PPC / Sales Lead performance data
  • Agree to use the Pre-Discussion document to be prepared for the discussion
  • Agree to a 1-hour Virtual discussion to establish your service/product offering details
  • Agree for Us to use your branding for the contract duration
  • Approve the PPC Booster Solution prior to launch e.g. Draft Video & Landing Page
  • Ensure uniterrupted “up-time” of your PPC Campaign
  • 6 month minimum trial & rolling monthly thereafter
  • Prompt uninterrupted Payment of monthly fees by GoCardless Direct Debit
  • Limited revisions

* Are there any guarantees of performance?

Once the programme performance has been agreed: Max-e-Biz will use it’s best efforts to deliver the performance improvements. However, If after the minimum 6 months duration of this programme, Max-e-Biz has not delivered the agreed performance on average then:- The client can choose from the following:- (1) A six month extension of the programme at no further cost to the client or (2) a pro-rata rebate of fees paid for the difference between actual and agreed performance or (3) termination of the contract. This guarantee is limited to the first 6 months of the programme. For this guarantee to be valid, the client also needs to honour their committments during this time.